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Your Vision.   Explained.

Our office strives to help our patients reach the best visual outcome possible.  We also strive to make our patients feel comfortable, well informed, and enjoyed the time spent in our office.  We love what we do and we love getting our patients excited about their vision.


We offer the highest quality eye care for all of our patients.  We pride ourselves in patient-centered care in a warm, caring  environment.  

Dr. Partridge takes his time with each patient to ensure all patients leave the office with a good understanding of their eyes and conditions, suggested treatment plans, and and overall positive experience. We understand how important your vision is to you and your vision is our number one priority.

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Did you know 80% of learning is visual?

20/20 eyesight does not mean perfect vision.  Many vision conditions affect a child's ability to read and learn and often times go undetected during school vision screenings. 

If your child struggles in school or during other visual activities, they may need a comprehensive vision exam.  

Dr. Partridge has advanced training in pediatric optometry and is able to help treat a variety of vision conditions.

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Glasses are the perfect marriage of fashion and function.  Great vision requires a knowledgeable optician to help you select both the perfect style as well as helps you to navigate vision benefits, lens options, and more.  Our optician, Tierra, brings over a decade of experience in helping patients love their vision!

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