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Dealing with Eyestrain on the Job

If you’re at work all day, working at a desk and staring at a computer, the chances are that your eyes in constant strain. Eyestrain is a widespread problem, but there are some ways to minimize the strain especially at the workplace. Here are some of those simple steps:

Computer Adjustments – Position the top of your computer monitor below eye level, so you look slightly downward when viewing the screen. Adjust the screen brightness and avoid glare on the screen.

Proper lighting – Consider turning off some of the lights that are too harsh and bright.

Rest breaks – Give your eyes a chance to rest throughout the day. Blink often to refresh the eyes and use artificial tear solutions if necessary.

If you try to utilize these tips whether at your workplace or even at home, you can reduce eyestrain and help your eyes improve. However, if you do continue to experience eye problems and strange symptoms, you should come to talk to us!

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